Sunday, October 9, 2016

“Pittsburgh Dad” Comes To Paris

It’s a shame my dad has never come to see me in Paris, but I’ve found a way to bring “Pittsburgh Dad” to the French capital!
"Pittsburgh Dad" (

Although mom has visited several times, dad has never been. He did a tour around Europe in his army days in the 1950s, when he served in occupied Austria. But since then, he’s rarely strayed far from the Burgh.

Various Pittsburghian reasons come to mind. He doesn’t want to miss a Steeler’s game. He hates mass transit. He doesn’t want to pay for parking. I don’t have a La-Z-Boy. I suspect France is not his cup of coffee. He likes a big old mug before dinner, as soon as he hits the chair, by a waitress who calls him “hon,” not by someone looking like a Pittsburgh Penguin and just as cold.

But now I have a paternal substitute! A couple of days ago one of my brothers sent me a link to “Pittsburgh Dad.” I feel like my dad is right here with me in the living room, and I’ve saved big time on Delta’s Pittsburgh-Paris direct flight!

Why haven’t I heard of Pittsburgh Dad before? Started in 2011, Pittsburgh Dad has 160 episodes under his belt and has surpassed 30 million views. I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with Dad lately, binge-watching. My favorite show so far is “Giving Directions.” My husband is watching too, buffing up his Pittsburghese, so he knows what’m saying half the time.

While the show is popular, it does have its detractors. Director Chris Preksta and actor Curt Wootton take hits for making fun of Pixburghers. In their defense, Curt’s father, the inspiration for the persona, is proud that it’s a sensation (see the interview with both Pittsburgh dads in this news report). He does admit he yelled a lot, trying to balance raising a family and preventing utter chaos. We love our Pittsburgh dads!
Keith and Curt Wootten (
Now if I can only get Pittsburgh dad or even “Pittsburgh Dad” to come to Paris. Wouldn’at be sumpin’?

This post is dedicated to Iris, a Pittsburgher who I met in Paris this morning! 
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